Our collections workflow management outline has been developed to allow a consistent quality control system, guaranteeing accurate and thorough work performance at all levels.  Our procedures include control over frequency and types of contact, adherence to pre-planned skip tracking techniques, and allocation of proper resources.

All paperwork is data entered and imaged, including any correspondence we might receive from the debtor or an attorney representing the debtor.  All actions are timed, dated, and notated in the file, with the initials of the ACS employee who made the notations in summarizing a conversation or promise, or when he has taken a particular action (making a call or requesting an invoice from the original creditor).

    • Accounts are activated within 72 hours upon being received by ACS from our clients.
    • All accounts are scrubbed through Banko to validate if commercial client has filed bankruptcy in the past 6 months.
    • ACS sends the first dunning letter as part of this activation to validate the debt with the commercial client. All letters have been approved prior by an attorney to assure fulfillment of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
    • Collectors complete their first work action within seven calendar days of activation (i.e. phone, skip work, etc.).

A minimum of two phone attempts will be made weekly on all new accounts with a valid phone number with the exception of restricted states.  Accounts are documented to reflect our work efforts, then timed and dated for the next action to occur.  The accounts have a status code to reflect whether they are active, payment plan, settled in full, skip, etc.


ACS works with a growing network of attorneys throughout the country that offers litigation services once general collection methods are found to be unsuccessful. 

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