Why am I receiving calls and/or letters from ACS?
ACS is a commercial collection agency whose clients are major telecommunication companies. You are most likely getting communications from ACS because you have an overdue account with a telecommunication company that has decided to place with ACS to pursue payment of the outstanding account.

I want ACS to stop calling a certain number - what can I do?
Please write a letter to ACS and explain which number to stop calling what your dispute is. ACS strives to resolve all disputes that are presented to us.

ACS has called and/or sent me a collection letter, but I don't have a debt with ACS - what can I do?
Please write a letter to ACS explaining the situation.

Why does ACS appear on my bank statements?
If you made any payments or partial payments to ACS to resolve any outstanding debts, the credit card or bank statement will show Accord Creditor Services. Please note that as soon as ACS collects the money, it sends it to their client, the original creditor.

Does ACS report to Credit Bureaus?

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